The Hermitage Days are to be held in Ekaterinburg October 16 - 20

It is the fourth time the Hermitage Days will be held at the Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts. The opening of the one masterpiece exhibition from the assemblage of the richest museum collection will be one of the programme’s highlights. This time, residents and guests of the city will meet with the Tax collectors painting by a XVI-century Dutch master, Marinus van Reymerswaele.
It’s exposition in Ekaterinburg will be an unusual event in the Hermitage practice. The restoration of the artwork has just came to the end a and the Hermitage is usually presents the results of the restoration and artwork research of such eminent masters as Reymerswaele in it’s halls exhibitions, but this time the exception is made. The thing is that during the Great Patriotic war the painting along with some other ones was evacuated to Sverdlovsk’s art gallery funds, where it was stored with the rest of the Hermitage masterpieces of art. It is quite emblematic that visitors of the Yekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts will be the ones to see the canvas first after the modern restoration.
From October 16th to 20th, in the afternoon and the evening hours, State Hermitage employees are to hold a hermitage lecture hall, which will provide the opportunity to the audience to get acquainted withDutch art of the 15-17  Centuries.
From October 15th to 17th, the State Hermitage and the Coca-Cola system “Preserving the Cultural Heritage Together” joint project will host  museum master classes for specialists on restoration of ceramics and porcelain. Upon it’s completion, a round table is to be held and restorers will be able to discuss their professional activities.
Within two days - on October 19th and 20th, the Museum’s scientific library on the subject “Art of Northern Europe” will be presented in the Museum’s Kasli Hall. This book collection is gathered in the museum due to the State Hermitage and is our city’s unique one. Reviews of these publications, stories about exhibitions on the topic that were held in the Hermitage Museum and the other ones.
From October 16th to 20th, a virtual reality cinema is to be open to demonstrate the Hermitage. Immersion in history with Konstantin Khabensky movie. The movie premiere was held in St. Petersburg in 2017 and was created using the latest technologies that combined virtual reality and cinema. Filmed in 360 video format, it creates the viewer presence illusion inside the film space that allows one to become a participant of the events. This is achieved by the use of Gear VR virtual reality glasses. New projects, the Gallery of the “Gallery of the Hermitage’s Ancient Painting history” and the “Hall of Jupiter”, will also be presented. Viewers will be able to walk through virtual galleries and scrutinize art objects from any angle, including those that are inaccessible to ordinary visitors, and also learn some of the history of the creation of the halls themselves and of the masterpieces exhibited in those.
Additionally, there is a tradition within the Hermitage Days of awarding the winners of the regional stage of the IV interregional “Artful verb” contest for journalists and mass media members which is named after V. Yu. Matveev. The competition was established in 2016 on the initiative of the State Hermitage, the Vladimir Potanin Charity Fund and the Yekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts for journalists who write about culture. Applications for the contest were accepted from journalists from more than 20 cities united in 4 clusters (Far Eastern, Siberian, Ural and Volga), which are formed around satellite centers of the State Hermitage.