The Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts and The State Tretyakov Gallery were gifted with the unique collection

Sometimes unique and extraordinary events happen in the museum society. 

This time Rena Mickhailovna Lotareva (1932-2018) relative of the famous collector of the 20th century from Leningrad Kazimiry Konstantinovny Basevich (1898-1973) gave to the Ekaterinburg museum of Fine arts and The State Tretyakov Gallery part of the unique collection of her famous relative. 

Tretyakov gallery received 17 pieces of art and the Ekaterinburg museum of Fine arts 38 – where you could find works of the world-famous artists: K.S. Petrov-Vodkin, B.M Kustodiev, Z.E Serebryakova and so on. Moreover, museum was gifted with several sculptures and more than 200 pieces of decorative and applied arts.

As incredible as it may sound, the heritage of K.K.Basevich was saved in the simple Soviet flat in Sverdlovsk in one of the rooms. Even her neighbor, ironically who was the director of the museum, N.E.Ganebnaya had no idea about the treasures that were hide just next door.  

We hope that soon, after restoration and all required procedures, guests of our museum will be able to get acquainted with the unique collection.