Years of Labor and Victories

Fyodor Kamenskih. Gifts of nature , 1969. The Ekaterinburg museum of Fine Arts

The title of the exhibition Years of Labor and Victories is a paraphrase of Fyodor Ivanovich Kamenskih’s programme painting 70 Years of Labor and Victories , presented at the exhibition. The painting 70 Years of Labor and Victories glorifies Soviet people, Kamenskih demonstrates heroic deeds of Soviet man, that lived in the permanent atmosphere of feats: feats of polar explorers, non-stop flights, car rally.

The events of the Great history, in which amateur artists were involved, are the main subjects of their artistic messages. Almost every work is a visualization about time and about oneself , playing the role of illustrating the myths of mass culture, the so-called precedent texts of the era , distributed in the form of popular songs, film images, newspaper and magazine propaganda art illustrations, for example, in the paintings of Athanasius Chepkasov.

Most paintings of the naive artists are about texts, sometimes the pictures were born as an illustration to the memory or the manifesto of the artist, and sometimes simultaneously with the creation of a literary commentary. Pavel Ustyugov's paintings grew out of his memoirs, historical studies and screenplays.

The theme of abundance is one of the key in Soviet mythology and painting of naive artists, which they embodied in juicy and exotic still-life. Belief in the fast bright future and the common world outlook of the artist and his viewers led to the creation of a convincing image of the Soviet dream.

The exhibition features paintings by Fyodor Kamenskih from the collections of the Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts, the Nizhny Tagil Fine Arts Museum, the artist's family,

01 September 2018 - 25 November 2018

Rosa Luxemburg str., 18

full price 150 rubles

reduced-fare tickets (pensioners, pupils) 50 rubles


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