Shalom! Jewish life and traditions in the paintings of Nalina Heyfets

Nalina Aleksandrovna Heyfets is Russian, she was born in 1937 in Perm. She become a part of the Jewish family by marrying her school friend Boris Heyfets and she felted special affection to Jewish culture.

She started drawing after retirement, when her husband was dying, before that she was never interested in drawing. First works of an artist showed sorrow of parting and never ending heartache. In these expressive and surrealistic paintings you can see weird weaves of bodies, grimaces and by the looks in their eyes you can feel the horrors of experience of the personal tragedy. Compositions about life can be seen as peculiar prayer recourse to the past. As time goes on pain slowly disappearing from the paintings, characters acquire meaning, engage in the surrounding world with it’s all everyday life and celebration.

As it often happens her first exhibition was sudden. In the gymnasium where she was working as the teacher of Russian and German languages and where she came back after retirement in 1995 was an exhibition of paintings of teachers and she was asked to bring her works. After, in Synagogue and in the Jewish community and Hasids learned about the artist who depicted Jewish types and stories from the Jewish life they started to invite her to the concerts, weddings and worships. After she got over the shock from her husbands death, she started to visit the synagogue more often, started to feel more of Jewish culture. She began to receive orders for painting Jewish institutions, restaurants and kinder garden. Together with the company of colleagues they organized concerts, put on plays, for which she created decorations and costumes.

The artist often gifted her paintings to the synagogues, some of her works stay at private collections of her friends in Perm, some moved to another cities, for example in Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Israel, Canada.

On the “Shalom” exhibition you can find more than 40 artworks of Nalina Heyfets.

From 27th of April until 5th of  August 2018 exhibition “Shalom! Jewish life and traditions in the paintings of Nalina Heyfets” will be presented in the museum of naïve art on Rozy Luxemburg street 18.

27 April 2018 - 05 August 2018

Rosa Luxemburg str., 18

full price 150 rubles

reduced-fare tickets (pensioners, pupils) 50 rubles


(343) 301-15-31