Russian Calvary. Centenary of the death of Tsar Nicholas II and family

Stories of the naïve artists usually autobiographical, but sometimes they show upheavals of the national history. They extraordinary combine personal history with events connected with life of the country and nation (tragical and festive). Artists create with their internal sense of time, so they establish subjective documents of history of their homeland. The most significant facts and events from the political and social life turned into the plots of the art-works of the amateur artists. The tragical last days in Ekaterinburg, Perm, Alapaevsk of the last Tsar family, have not been left behind in art.

Russian Imperator Nicolay II, his wife empress Alexandra Fedorovna, their children and their close people were executed by firing squad on the night of 17th of July 1918 in the basement of the house of mining engineer Nicolay Ipatiev in Ekaterinburg. 

On 12th of June 1918 in Perm Grand Duke Mikhail Alexandrovich and his secretary N.N.Jonson was secretly kidnapped and killed near settlement Motoviliha.
On the night of 18th of July 8 members of the Imperator house and their close people were murdered within a few kilometers of Alapaevsk near the mine Nizhnya Selimskaya. Russian orthodox church canonized two of them – Grand Duchess Elisaveta Fedorovna and nun Varvara.

On the exhibition Russian Calvary, you can find paintings from the 3 collections (Alapaevsk, Ekaterinburg and Perm), representing vision of amateur artists of this tragical events Artistic feature of the naïve artists is that their works based on a different texts – memories, literary works, memoirs. Mikhail Antonov shows crime scenes with the forensic meticulousness, depicts all details from eyewitness memories and texts from the Protocol. The scene of the firing squad in the Ipatiev’s house could have been seeing in the Shachnazarov’s film “Kingslayer”, but showing the murder in Motoviliha artist follows by detailed description of the participants of the murder – Markov and Novoselov.

Anna Aborkina from Perm creates her own mythology of Ural period of Tsar family, intertwine it into the context of Perm stories – fate of Mikhail Romanov that was tortured to death in Nirob in 1608, Perm ballet, Diaghilev and Mathilda Kseshinskaya. 
Sergey Shadrin an amateur from Alapaevsk portrays the pit of one of the mines – the symbolic place for all the citizens of the city and all orthodox people, the place where martyrdom of the Tsar family took place.  He reconstructs this tragic event and paints contemporary ceremony of veneration of innocent victims.

29 Juny 2018 - 12 August 2018

Rosa Luxemburg str., 18

full price 150 rubles

reduced-fare tickets (pensioners, pupils) 50 rubles


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