Keepers of the Ancient Image and Words. Collection of Icons and Old Printed Books by V.V. Maslakov

The project “Keepers of the Ancient Image and Words” is the result of a fruitful interaction between the museum and a private collector. The first joint exhibition at which icons from the collection of V.V. Maslakov, was held in the museum in 2010 under the name "This holy image was written in the Nevyansk factory." Now, almost ten years later, the museum again offers to lovers of mining and metallurgical art culture an exhibition, where works are displayed that have expanded the collection over the past years. Most of the works presented were never restored, therefore retaining reliable information about the features of the iconography of the era.

The main task remained the same: to show all the striking diversity and beauty of the Ural Old Believer icon, to give viewers the opportunity to admire the skill of craftsmen to create skilled and spiritualized images warmed by faith, that have become monuments of national cultural history.

Presentation of the best pieces of the Ural icon-painting from the collection of V.V. Maslakov - a phenomenon, of course, extraordinary. The exhibition will feature about 200 exhibits, about three dozen of which can be attributed to the 18th century, and more than eighty - to the first half of the 19th century, that is, the heyday of the Ural icon painting.

01 March 2019 - 12 May 2019

Voyevodina str., 5

full price 250 rubles


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