Glass and Ceramics of China. A. Glazyrin’s collection

On the threshold of Chinese New Year the Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts presents an exhibition of Chinese ceramics, glass and chinaware from A. Glazyrin’s collection (Ekaterinburg).

Rapt and enduring attention to inaccessible exotic Chinese culture has resulted in forming extensive European collections of Chinese items. In the 18th century it contributed to developing of a separate exceptional rococo movement – chinoiserie – that affected every form of art. The project introduces an individual and therefore much more remarkable example of unflagging interest to The Celestial Empire’s culture from European public.

Porcelain that originates in China in the 7th century was a trademark of the Eastern civilization. Throughout the centuries this miraculous phenomenon of applied arts demonstrated the technological development and the diversity of artistic methods of Chinese artists, the continuance of traditions and, simultaneously, the ability to embody distinctive aesthetic features of each of the periods of Chinese history. Alexey Glazyrin’s collection which has been formed for several decades is a collection of items from different historical epochs (14-20th cent.) and contains an impressive typological variety of Chinese "fragile gold." At the exhibition the viewer will get acquainted with the selected works that include items made of from the famous blue porcelain to the "black" and "pink" families.

In addition to porcelain and ceramics for the first time Ekaterinburg viewers will be given an opportunity to get acquainted with the little-known to a Russian eye tradition of chinese art glass which formed an independent branch of decorative and applied art only at the end of the 17th century under the influence of Catholic missionaries.

Thus, the exhibition presents not only outstanding works of Chinese decorative and applied art traditionally abounds with benevolent symbols but also demonstrates the close connection betweenEuropean and Chinese cultures that has existed for centuries andlasts up to the present day.

Exhibition curator: Sergey Vinokurov, Head of the Office of Visitor Relations

The exhibition “Glass and Ceramics of China from A. Glazyrin’s collection” is on display from 2 February until 1 April 2018 in the Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts at Voevodinast., 5.
Hours: Tu –Th 11:00-20:00 (tickets till 19:00); Fr – Su 11:00-19.00 (tickets till 18:00); the Museum is closed on Mondays.

02 February 2018 - 01 April 2018

Voyevodina str., 5

Adults 250 ₽


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