Angels and other inhabitants of the Earth. Selected works of the Museum of Naive Art

On the historic City Day - November 18, 2017 - the Yekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts opens the first exhibition of the Museum of Naive Art. The exhibition is called "Angels and other inhabitants of the Earth. Selected works of the Museum of Naive Art" and located in the new building of the museum. In 2016, the city's municipality transferred a building to the Yekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts for the creation of the Museum of Naive Art, which is located in an old mansion, the former estate of the forester Kudrin. This building on Rosa Luxemburg St. is a monument of architecture of the XIX century .

The collection of the museum was formed on the basis of the collection of the famous Yekaterinburg collector Yevgeny Roizman, which was donated to the museum in 2015. The works were purchased or received as a gift from artists and heirs for twenty-five years of collecting. Each artist is a separate story of searching for the collector and acquaintance with the author, and his pictures are an independent inner world.

More than one hundred and fifty works will be presented at the exhibition. Among them a national icon, closest to naive painting in its simplicity, stylistics and conditions of existence takes a special place. The icon comes from the south-western regions of the Russian Empire, the homeland of Gogol and Shevchenko, and is associated with the world view and the mode of life of Cossack freemen. Starting the artistic part of the exhibition with the icon and religious sculpture, we pay tribute to the main hobby and the private collection of Roizman.

At the first exhibition of the Museum of Naive Art one can see the diversity of stylistic and plot variants of the national naive of the second half of the 20th century. Most of Roizman's collection is composed of Ural masters, authors from Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region. Some of them are world famous, for example, the works of Nina Varfolomeeva and Albert Korovkin are published in the "World Encyclopedia of Naive Art." Graphic works of the Trofimovs from Alapayevsk belong to the newest history of naive in the Urals and reveal the independence of author's hand. The pictures of the modest and secretive Aleksei Yazykov only partially bring us closer to the mysteries of his enigmatic biography; fireworks of plots and materials of Albert Korovkin's creativity testifies to the versatility of the artist's talent. The riot of colour and passion in depicting biblical scenes contrasts with the personal charm and pacification of the personality of writer Nina Gorlanova, and the meditative Vadim Kolbasov opens us the poetry of rural life and the philosophy of things. In the prologue of the exposition there will be a photo-collection of the meeting, with its main characters, naive and professional artists, art critics, devotees and collectors.

18 November 2017 - 18 February 2018

Rosa Luxemburg str., 18

Adults 250 ₽


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