An exhibition of one painting from the collection of the State Hermitage museum

Ekaterinburg museum of fine arts continues series of exhibitions of one masterpiece from the biggest Russian collection – State Hermitage museum. From the 14th of October exhibition of the “Portrait of Empress Maria Fedorovna” by I.N. Kramskoi opens in the museum.

By the time when the masterpiece was created Ivan Nikolaevich Kramskoi (1837-1887) had a reputation as one of the greatest Russian portraitists. It’s no surprise that he was asked to make a ceremonial portrait of Maria Fedorovna, who ascended to the Russian throne in spring 1881, just few months before the portrait was made.

Probably, because of the desire of the royal customer – Emperor Alexander III, working on the portrait  Kramskoi was using the photo of Maria Fedorovna, which was made in the atelier of famous photographer Sergey Levitskiy. Photographic picture of Maria Fedorovna in Russian ceremonial dress represented her in new status of the Empress and was meant for wide distribution. Even though Kramskoi had photos, he was coming for the life drawing to the royal residence Alexandria, as shown by the signature on the hermitage portrait (I.Kramskoi/Alexandria/July 1881).

Project of Ekaterinburg museum of fine arts in the popular format “exhibition of one painting” allows viewers to concentrate on the artistic merits of hermitage painting, one of the best in the Kramskoi art work.

14 October 2017 - 21 January 2018

Voyevodina str., 5

Adults 250 ₽

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